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Stories from Westminster, Sue Krzastek

We began attending Westminster in 1997, searching specifically for a positive environment with an active youth program for our boys. We found what we were looking for in WPC. Before we had even decided to join I had two deaths in my family within two weeks. Jonathon Lovelady, the pastor at the time came to our house to talk and see if there was anything he or WPC could do for us. This meant so much to us both and made it clear we had found the right congregation.

Over the years our boys were very active

in youth fellowship and youth music, I became very active in the music program and Bill became an elder and trustee. Westminster has always had a key role in the Summerlee Mission Trip and we have participated in this mission nearly every year since 1993. This is a time of putting hands and feet to the Gospel by making essential home repairs and creating a wonderful time of fellowship.

For us, giving to WPC to help maintain and expand outreach programming is the easiest decision we make. I value the expansive music programming at WPC. Vocal music has always been an important part of my life. A story that few know is that I was born with a cyst on my larynx. I had surgery to remove it when I was 2. The doctors told my parents that I would not be able to speak normally and would have a low voice. God had other plans as I sing soprano. I am grateful for this gift and gladly give my time to the various music opportunities at WPC.

I believe WPC has the most comprehensive church music program in the area providing so many opportunities for participation. Music provides a special outreach that adds to the worship experience and is a unifier which can transport people to a different place and attitude bringing forward past worship experiences with our traditional offerings and creating new worship experiences with our contemporary music. Our various programs have something that can increase the worship experience for everyone and is therefore a beautiful way to spread the Gospel. I am thankful for the many programs (music and others!) and outreach opportunities offered by WPC into our community servicing the great commission: leading others to Christ.

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