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Becoming a Member of Westminster

If you would like to join Westminster, there are new member classes in the Spring and Fall. The class meets from 2:00 – 4:30 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon.

Outline of Class
2:00-4:30 p.m.
Discover the various ways Westminster can come alongside you in your faith journey with Christ.  Light refreshments provided by Witness Ministry.

4:00 – Session Meeting
Active elders join the class to hear their faith stories.  Participants are asked the following questions to answer in the affirmative prior to joining:

Who is your Lord and Savior?
Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior.

Do you trust him?
I do.

Do you intend to be his disciple, to obey his Word, and to show his love?
I do.

Will you be a faithful member of this congregation, giving of yourself in every way, and will you seek the fellowship of the church wherever you may be?
I will.

On the following Sunday, new members are welcomed at the service of their choice.

A photographer within the church will schedule a time to take a picture of you and/or your family to add to the Westminster photo directory.

Follow Up
Our Witness ministry reaches out to new members their first year of membership to make sure they feel connected to the church and to see how they could be of assistance in their faith journey.

If you would like to become a new member, please speak to our pastor or a member of the Witness ministry.  For information on joining as a youth through Confirmation, visit our Confirmation Class page.

Becoming a Member of Westminster

by Lori Davis

davis family.jpg

My husband, Alex, and our two daughters Lydia and Jillian, became members of Westminster in 2015.  I’ve been thinking about what prompted us to move from attending weekly to officially joining the church and one word stands out- community.

Membership is commitment and lots of places in our town use this process.  You can visit the gym occasionally, but that lifelong change and commitment comes from membership.  You can attend the PTO meetings, but in order to have a consistent platform to speak, you must join the organization.  You can visit our Waynesboro library and utilize their awesome resources, but once you become a member, you can access resources from a much larger area of Augusta county and Staunton too.

I am not qualified to teach you a class on church organization (for that you and I are both thankful!) but I know for a fact that if you feel God calling you to become a member of our neighborhood, reach out to whomever you feel closest and tell them you are ready to join Westminster.  We want to be YOUR community and help you gain all the benefits of a Christ-centered life.

Today I want to invite those if you who are not members of Westminster Presbyterian church yet, to become official parts of our neighborhood.  I hope you’ve heard it a million times before, but in case you haven’t, YOU are welcome and you are SO loved.

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