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Prayer Ministry

If you have a joy or concern to be lifted up in prayer, here are a few ways we can pray for you:

Prayer request online - Share a joy or concern online by clicking here.


Prayer card- In the friendship registers that are passed down the pews/chairs each week there are prayer cards available. Fill one out and place it in the offering basket/plate during the service or give it to the pastor upon leaving.


Prayer corner- Our announcement document is called the fridge news.  A prayer corner is included each week that lists joys, concerns and bereavements from prayers submitted through the prayer cards or by contacting the pastor.  These joys and concerns are lifted in worship each week and updated every two months.

Prayer chain- A prayer team of thirty individuals pray through concerns confidentially. If you would like the prayer chain ministry to pray for a concern, please contact Pat Tuttle at or the pastor.


Prayers in Confidence- Our pastor has a personal prayer list that is kept for confidential concerns. Please contact the pastor directly through email, phone or face to face conversation regarding these types of requests.

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