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Sanctuary Renovation Ministry

In 2015, the Session of Westminster Presbyterian Church approved and commissioned the Sanctuary Ad Hoc Committee to investigate and recommend a plan to update the Sanctuary of the church to set in motion the means to meet the following objective found in the Worship Theme of the Mission Study of the church approved in June of 2014: Modernize the Sanctuary to include upgraded sound equipment and dynamic audio-visual capability, reconfigure the Sanctuary to enhance the worship experience. Sanctuary Renovation Ministry Members; Kathy Baker, Chair and Elder (’22), Ed Crawford, Ed Glover, Rick McKibben, Tom Harris, and Rev. April Cranford, Ex-Officio Member

View May 22, 2022 Audio Visual Update Presentation

Have you ever wished you could see the kids during a Children’s Time or hear the children singing, or perhaps hear a soft-spoken speaker more clearly, or see a closeup of someone who is speaking or singing from the back of the sanctuary? Well, great news!  The Let’s Dream Again Ministry is making some exciting improvements to the sanctuary that will accomplish all of the above and much more. 


This spring, the session approved the sanctuary renovation into different phases of completion, with audio and visual modernization as the top priority. The Let’s Dream Again Ministry recommended to session to use Stage Sound as our Audio Visual (AV) contractor, which was approved. A listing of each piece of required equipment and the phases in which they are to be installed was also presented to session with a total cost of $148,000. While this may sound expensive, the equipment is of high quality that will last for many years to come. The system will replace outdated equipment and will ensure a worship service that is easy to see, has clear and crisp sound, and will greatly enhance the live stream capability to accomplish our mission of reaching out and making disciples. 

Listed below is the needed equipment and the cost (including installation). They are listed by approved phases; Speaker and Amp package $54,000; Audio Control and Audio Control Update $34,000; Video Support/Monitor in Sanctuary $17,000; Video Livestreaming $21,000; Full Stage Fill $22,000.


The session approved the proposal and to begin fundraising. There are no budgeted funds for this project, so we need the help of the congregation to support the AV System and Equipment Fund by giving a one-time donation or by making contributions, as you are able, throughout the summer. Donations can be made by cash, check or online through Realm by choosing the fund, “AV System & Equipment.”  Our goal is to begin installation in October and the amount of money raised will determine what can be purchased and installed.


Please prayerfully consider how you can support the AV equipment updates that will make our worship service more accessible, easier to understand and see, and more engaging for us all.

Sanctuary Renovation Timeline Below

View the 2015 Ad Hoc Sanctuary Committee Charter


The Ad Hoc Sanctuary Committee met for three years and hired Huff Morris Architects to design a remodel for the Sanctuary. 


View the Sanctuary Renovation Video (final plan to be approved)  

In May 2019, two presentations were presented to the congregation regarding the Sanctuary Renovation

View Sanctuary Presentation


In 2019, Session approved the renovation of sanctuary as presented by Sanctuary Ad Hoc committee.  


In 2020, the pandemic began and the sanctuary renovation was put on hold.


On January 24, 2021, Westminster's Session approved the Sanctuary Renovations- Next Steps Charter with the following members of the ministry; Kathy Baker (chair), Rev. April Cranford (ex-officio), Ed Crawford, Ed Glover, Rick McKibben, and Tom Harris.


View Sanctuary Renovation Next Step Charter.


Prayers continue over the years as we plan for the renovation of Westminster's sanctuary.








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