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Scout Projects at Westminster

Scouting is active at Westminster.  We have been lucky to be the beneficiary of Boy Scout Eagle projects through they years, and anticipate some Girl Scout Gold Award projects in the near future.  Listed below are some of the more recent projects completed for our church by our scouts.  For more information on our scout groups, see our Ongoing Mission page.

Blessing Box

Westminster has a birthday to celebrate!  Its Blessing Box outreach project is one year old on November 9th, 2020. The Blessing Box was planned, managed, built, and installed by a Westminster Eagle Scout Ben Miller.  

Members have shared in this mission by providing canned food and personal hygiene items throughout the year. Please consider this when doing your grocery shopping.  Other things that can be included in Westminster’s Blessing Box are new or used clothing such as jeans, sweatshirts, socks, etc. In addition, personal hygiene items like toothpaste, hand soap, toothbrush, and shampoo are welcome. With winter coming soon, warm clothing, i.e. hats, gloves, and scarves, can also be donated.

The public in need will have access to the items via the Blessing Box, year-round and completely free. 

ben miller eagle project.jpg
owen kearney eagle project.jpg

Updated Youth Room
For his Eagle Scout project, Braxton Via updated our senior high youth room.  He oversaw the reorganization, painting and decorating of this large classroom, which also included the installation of a reclaimed wood wall.

Playground Information Board

The construction and installation of an outdoor information board near our playground entrance was led by Boy Scout Owen Kearney in July 2020.  Our playground area is a popular place for families in our church and nearby community.

Braxton Via.jpg

Free Little Library

The construction and installation of a Free Little Library near our playground entrance was led by Boy Scout Joe Kearney in September 2017.  The Little Library is a small wooden box where books are left free for people to take and read, and free for people to leave for others to enjoy.

joe kearney eagle project.jpg
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