Current Sermon Series

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October Worship Series, Pilgrimage 

     Prior to attending a retreat on the Isle of Iona, a woman met with her pastor for prayer and guidance. The pastor asked the woman the following question; "Do you know the difference between taking a trip as a tourist and going on a pilgrimage as a pilgrim?"

     The woman responded, "I believe so, but tell me more."

     The pastor replied, "When you go on a trip as a tourist, you ask questions of the place, but when you go on a pilgrimage as a pilgrim the place asks questions of you."

     Pilgrimage is both an internal and external journey; a way to find answers and experience spiritual, physical, and emotional renewal. A pilgrimage invites a traveler to see the sacred in every step and in every turn. With a deepening focus, it is possible to transform even the most ordinary trip into a soulful journey, a pilgrimage. 

     In October, our worship series will explore a pilgrim's faithful footsteps through ancient legends and historical sites from the Isle of Iona. During the series, we encourage worshippers to step beyond the pew and spend a few hours or an entire day as a pilgrim. Experience a soulful journey by climbing a mountain, driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway, or walking the Greenway Trail. May the interconnection of worship and creation bring to light sacred answers, holy encounters, and conversations with other pilgrims on the way. 


  • October 2, On the Way

  • October 9, Decisions On the Way

  • October 16, High Points On the Way

  • October 23, Mystery On the Way

  • October 30, Commitments On the Way