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Stories from Westminster, Shirley Martin

A Perfect Home

We retired in 2021 and moved to Waynesboro to be near our grandchildren. Having been raised in church and having served churches in music and youth positions for 25 years, we were looking for a warm and caring church family, with a strong music ministry, and where the pulpit teachings are scripture based, thoughtful and life applicable.

We were invited by our friends to visit Westminster and began visiting last fall. We were impressed on our first visit. The inclusion of both Contemporary and Traditional music that morning was impressive. We enjoy both so it was amazing to see the service flow from one to the other and back, seamlessly. April’s sermon, creatively delivered, spoke to us both. We felt the warmth of the church.

On our second visit, we were impressed that this week the type of worship music was different, and new instruments were included, a testament to the musically talented members of the church. The sermon, again, was creatively delivered and we felt even more at home.

After our third visit, we agreed on the ride home that we had found where we should be. We could not believe we felt so at home and satisfied so quickly. Westminster has more than met our expectations for a church home.

From an early age, I was taught to give a tithe and offering to the church, first out of responsibility, to help enable the church to meet its mission of bringing others to know the love of Christ, and second out of thankfulness for my blessings and as a good steward of them. As a young person I saw the mission of the church as more global…something that happens “out there”. We give money and send it elsewhere so people “out there” can know Christ. I now realize that according to our giving, we can keep the church doors open, pay leadership and music staff, make repairs when needed, turn the lights on, etc., and reach even more of the local community with our message of the love of God.

Westminster is a church with many talents and blessings. My hope is that we never take any of them for granted but honor, fully support, and share them with others through stewardship and thankful giving.

by Shirley Martin

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