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Stories from Westminster, River Cranford

Updated: Jul 2

I am extremely grateful for Westminster’s presence in my life over the past nine years. This community has allowed me to make lasting friendships, meet mentors, and make unforgettable memories. The first time I felt like Westminster was my home was while serving in Summerlee, West Virginia. Everyone at the job sites worked together to accomplish the same goal of helping people in need whether that was fixing wheelchair ramps, roofs, or serving in nursing homes like I did. It was clear to me that this community was rooted in loving each other as well as strangers.

At our church I appreciate that mission is so heavily encouraged through supporting the M Family, WARM Shelter, and the Ecumenical Youth gatherings. Additionally, I learned about the trait of generosity from my parents. They taught me that it is important to give back to God with your gifts and talents. I choose to support the church through financial gifts because I know all of the important things that Westminster does for its members, the community, and the world. I have volunteered as a member of the A/V team since I was in ninth grade. I have come to understand this ministry’s importance in allowing everyone to experience Westminster’s services.

The technology that we have to stream and share audio is not the greatest. So, when I heard that there was a fund I could donate to help with purchasing new equipment, I waited to see what money God would provide me to donate. With my last paycheck from my previous employer, I went into Realm and donated it and knew that it would be put to good use in allowing all to hear about Jesus and see the faithful community of Westminster. My greatest hope for Westminster is that it will continue to grow, keep serving others, and allow anyone and everyone to call it home.

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