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Stories from Westminster, Lindsey Coyner

Ensuring Exceptional Music

My story begins in the Spring of 1982. I was baptized on these red steps by Dr. Bland Dudley. I can still vaguely hear his deep and boisterous singing voice. Ella Grace Richards, WPC organist, offered my sister and I weekly piano lessons during our childhood years….. and a few Oreos from her kitchen cookie jar. Alice Coleman, Choir Director nurtured my singing voice throughout my teen years with many rehearsals that involved getting notes, melodies and harmonies just right. Mary Smith’s voice and song left me in awe as a child on many Sunday mornings. It still does! How does she even do it? Dr. Kyle Allen, WPC minister during the early 90’s taught me the song, “Be Glorified” complete with sign language at Logos on a Wednesday evening.. I can still sing it some 30 years later. During a week long vacation bible school, Libby Wingfield, longtime member generously shared a “Books of the New Testament” song with me that I still routinely sing anytime I am finding a verse. Fast forward to my “young adult days,” Bettie Tindall, Sue Wright, Pat Cuomo, Scott Russell and Sue Krzastek have walked with me through singing at weddings, special musical events, and saying goodbye here on Earth to my Dad, Steve, who was the ultimate example of generosity. I believe that the WPC music ministry has enabled me to use God’s gift of song to uplift, comfort and give life to many. My hope is that my own children, nieces and nephews will have WPC and its music ministry to be a constant source of Faith, Hope and most importantly Love to see them through their journey into adulthood and beyond.

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