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Stories from Westminster, Iris Birckner

I love Westminster because it feels like family. The sacred place is familiar, and the faithful people are caring and loving. I have been fortunate to have been raised in Westminster as the daughter of parents who were charter members (Bernice and Arval Rexrode). I have witnessed the tireless work from generations of families selflessly giving of their time and resources to ensure the growth of ministries and the love of Christ. And this mindset has not changed in the almost seventy years of Westminster’s history.

My mother was a role model of how to be generous at church. She was a session member multiple times, served as President and other leadership roles of the Women of the Church, taught many Sunday school classes, loved being part of the sewing circle, among other activities. Her generous giving of her time was mirrored by so many other members and made Westminster the warm and welcoming church it still is today. And my mother also inspired me with her faithful and generous giving from her limited social security and retirement income. She gave until her passing because supporting the church was her life-long passion.

I went to Massanetta Camp as a child and my sister went to Montreat. Traditions carried out year after year supported by fundraising, church budgeting and additional giving. These Christ centered programs instill long lasting memories and give our youth a different perspective on living out their life as a Christian. The experience is invaluable. Our youth are our future and supporting their growth and fellowship is a joy to be cherished.

Lastly, I have had the pleasure of knowing many of the ministers and staff who have graced our halls, and I can honestly say that we are truly blessed with some of the strongest and loving leadership we’ve ever had. I feel so fortunate to be part of a church where our leadership team is so focused on building relationships with each of us and with Christ our Lord. I consider it a privilege to support such amazing people and what they are accomplishing with my pledge and time. Westminster and its love of God is a treasure, a treasure of my heart.

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