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Stories from Westminster, Cathy Waldorf

I grew up at Second Presbyterian Church in upstate New York, where my mom and dad taught Sunday School and dad was a Deacon. My older sister and I were part of the Youth Choir and helped with the Nursery as we got older. My father demonstrated generosity in so many ways; always ready to help his neighbor, he coordinated a Christmas Workshop at church, where we mended old board games and toys as best we could, and distributed them amongst those in need in the community.

Every Thanksgiving, I loved helping my father deliver the box of food to that year’s selected family; they were always so appreciative, and it filled my heart with enormous joy. We didn’t have a lot, but my parents instilled in us that there were always others who were far less fortunate than we were. I am forever grateful for the blessings I’ve received through the example my family had shown us.

When I moved here to Waynesboro several years ago, I was eager to find a new church family to call home. I tried several in the area and met some wonderful people, but felt I needed to look further. I was hoping to find a Church doing more Mission work, one where there was “life” in the congregation with both young and older members. When I discovered Westminster, I was excited to see they had both a Traditional and a Contemporary Service; I love them both and would take turns visiting each. The youth and children were actively involved in the services and the church supported several missions, both in the community and around the world. It felt like “home” – exactly what I was hoping to find.

I am so thankful to be part of this loving community and feel blessed to be able to help support the wonderful works they do; knowing that it serves to demonstrate God’s love to others. We are the hands and feet of the Lord, reaching out and doing His work. My prayers for the future of our beautiful church is that we can continue to grow in faith, because our spiritual journey does not end until we leave this world behind, and that we can always shine the light of God’s love throughout the community and beyond.

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