Nominating Committee

The nominating committee carries out the the process of selecting members for the congregation to approve and elect elders to serve in ordered ministries at Westminster Presbyterian church along with nominating members to serve on the Pastor Relations Ministry Team.  The nine current ordered ministries of Westminster Presbyterian Church are stated above in more detail which  include; Commitment, Discipleship, Finance, Fellowship & Congregational Care, Pastor Relations, Personnel, Property, Witness, and Worship.  The elders of the Nominating Committee are elected by the session and the at-large members of the Nominating Committee are elected by the congregation.


2021 Nominating Committee Members

Marti Elliott, Active Ruling Elder
Matthew Rider, Active Ruling Elder

Linda Lemons, Ruling Elder
Reed Cranford, Ruling Elder
Brad Yoder, Active Member

Meagan Cuomo, Active Member

Rev. April Cranford, Ex-Officio Member

Read more about the Nominating Committee, by viewing the charter in Westminster's Operational Manual, and Outline of Nominating Committee, Elder Training and Pastor Relations Membership