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Let's Dream Again Update

Let's Dream Again Update:

On January 24, 2021, Westminster's Session approved the Sanctuary Renovations- Next Steps Charter with the following purpose: Establish a plan, organizational structure, and timeline for the phases of the renovation project of the sanctuary of Westminster Presbyterian Church of Waynesboro, VA, Inc. Promote and educate the people of Westminster of the value of the phases of this project to the future of the church as well as the changes that it may bring about to the future of worship here at Westminster.

The  "Let's Dream Again" ministry has met three times in 2021 and has identified an organizational structure of five specific areas; audiovisual, construction, design, finance, and organ.  Each member of the team will chair one of the five smaller teams with congregational members. During 2021, the gathering information in these five areas will lay the groundwork for the prospect of the greater sanctuary renovation.  If you have any questions about this new ministry, please contact any member of the team: Kathy Baker (chair of the team, and design chair), Ed Crawford (co-chair of finance), Ed Glover (chair of organ and co-chair of finance), Tom Harris (chair of audiovisual), Rick Mckibben (chair of construction), and Rev. April Cranford (ex-officio and chair of communication).  

Please email general concerns or questions to  For more information about the Sanctuary Renovation visit;

Thank you.

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