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Stories from Westminster, Jonathon Steck

Church of Choice

If churches are like family, then Westminster started as my birth family. My grandparents, Jack and Toni Zimmer were charter members. Both of my grandparents were active contributors of their time and resources with Toni serving as the first music director. Then my parents, Marc and Ruthie Steck, picked up the mantle and modeled for me what it looks like to be faithful and responsive to both the blessings and the call of our Lord. My parents have been involved at many levels over the years but some of my fondest memories are of them serving as Sunday school teachers, WOW cook team leaders, and leaders of messy but fun tie dye projects at Family Fun Weekend. Both my parents currently serve on ministry teams with Marc being a member of Property Ministry and Ruthie a part of Fellowship.

In this manner, Westminster was essentially my “birth church”. It was the site of many important and formative memories for me. Westminster has been a constant and steady presence for me, even when I was less present at times during my own faith journey. However, as I have continued on my faith journey, I have been absolutely blessed to feel welcomed and embraced by Westminster, which has also grown in that same time and seems to only be growing in its faith and mission.

Westminster embraces me and my family like the welcoming father of the prodigal son and it has been a true blessing. My wife Kaitlin went through new member classes and was baptized at Westminster. My daughter Annsley went through the confirmation process and joined the church and I look forward to my son Harper being able to do the same in the near future. So, Westminster has become my church of choice and I feel true gratitude that I am trusted to serve as a Sunday School teacher, an Elder in the Pastor Relations Ministry and current member of Session.

When I think of generosity, I think of the faces and stories of not just my family but the countless folks who have and will continue to use their time, talents and treasure to help Westminster live out its mission way beyond the walls of our church. I am and will continue to be inspired by the wonderful folks that I have been blessed to serve alongside. I joyfully choose to support Westminster as an answer to the call found in my favorite Bible verse Micah 6:8, “what does the Lord require of you? To act justly, and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”

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