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Pastor Relations Ministry

This team provides support to the pastor and an open dialogue of ministry between the pastor and the congregation.  The ministry serves in two primary ways; as an advisory group to the pastor and as a support for the pastor’s leadership. First as an advisory group, the ministry team shares ideas, dreams, hopes, expectations and concerns of the congregation with the pastor. Second, as support for the pastor, the ministry interpret roles, functions and needs of the pastor to the congregation.  The ministry will not provide any supervision of the Pastor.  Supervision, evaluation and contract negotiation rests solely with Session. The members of this ministry team are selected by the Nominating Committee and approved by the congregation on an annual basis.


Pastor Relations Ministry Members

Jonathan Steck, Elder ('22)

Clay Huie, Pilot ('23)

Kathy Baker
Jan Sweet
Angela Wright
Sara Jordan 

Read more about the Pastor Relations Ministry by viewing the charter in Westminster's Operational Manual.

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