Westminster Moves Indoors

How to Enter/Exit the Building: 

1. Enter only through the Red Chapel Doors

2. Wait for an usher to seat you according to whether you are an individual or are part of a family. The pews will be marked and sectioned off accordingly. Every other pew will be used. 

3. After the service, ushers will dismiss the congregation to exit through the door from the sanctuary through the narthex. The people sitting towards the read of the sanctuary will be escorted out first; those towards the front will be last. 

Building Use Guidelines:

1. Wear masks at all times in building

2. Maintain social distance of 6 ft at all times

3. Group leader completes Realm roster for each group meeting

4. Group leader contacts church office by email (wp.waynesboro@gmail.com) or phone (540-942-1145) when space has been used for proper cleaning by the custodian the next day (or Monday if space is used on Thursday/Friday/Saturday)

5. Group leader uses a *health kit for participants in group to take temperatures, ask COVID-19 questions that are available in the kit and provide masks/sanitizer if needed.

6. If someone has a temperature over 100.4 degrees or answers "yes" to any of the COVID-19 questions, please ask the person to return home and come the next time the group meets.

7. If food and beverages are to be used in the building, participants are to bring their own and the items are not to be shared with others.

COVID-19 Questions: 

1. Have you taken any fever-reducing medications in the last 24 hours?

2. Have you had any exposure to COVID-19 in the last two weeks?

3. Have you been sick in the past few days?

4. Have you traveled out of state/area?

Health Kits:

Health Kits will contain a thermometer, COVID -19 questions, extra masks, and hand sanitizer wipes to clean the thermometer. Health kits are in secure locations around the building such as the social hall, colonnade entrance, and church office.

Nursery Guidelines

1. All children are checked in with their parents in the specific church check-in area with temperature checked, COVID-19 questions asked and attendance marked. This will not be done in the nursery.


2.A health kit with a thermometer will be in the nursery for suspected fevers during nursery time. *All children will need to wash their hands in the nursery potty sink. If the nursery attendant or the nursery volunteer is busy, the parent must assist hand washing their child.


3. Nursery attendant and the nursery volunteer will wear masks while serving in the nursery.


4. Nursery children do not need to wear masks. If they do, there is no guarantee they will be kept on.


5. Toys that are susceptible to mouth touching (kitchen play food, dr. kit) will be removed from the nursery.


6. Baby toys will be divided into single uses (a couple of toys in a bag) and assigned to only one child. They will be washed after use.


7. Arts and crafts will be made with single-use items and disposed of afterwards.


8. All washable items (baby doll blankets, baby doll clothes) will not be available for play.


9. Snacks and drinks are to be provided by the parent. No Dixie cups of water or animal crackers at this time. No trips to the water fountain.


10. Children will remain in the nursery rather than visiting worship or other classrooms.


11. Nursery cleaning will be done by the nursery attendant and the nursery volunteer with supplies paid for by the church. The nursery attendant will provide a cleaning list. Cleaning the nursery should be done within the hours that the nursery attendant is paid.

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