Ministry Teams at Westminster

Westminster has nine ministry teams with elected ruling elders serving alongside pilots to lead the ministry teams together. This team approach in leadership allows the elder to attend two meetings each month; one for the ministry team and the second meeting as a representative of that ministry to the Session.  The pilot attends only the ministry team meeting which he/she leads. All of the ministries connected to the Session meet on the second Wednesday evening of each month in various rooms on the church campus.  Most ministries begin at 6:00, others begin at 7:00.

Westminster has several additional ministry teams/committees that are in addition to the nine Session Ministry Teams which include; Nominating Committee, Response Ministry Team, Discovery Ministry Team (2019),  and Operations Manual Ministry Team (2017).

Please find out more about each ministry team below. If you feel guided toward sharing your gifts or talents in one of the ministry areas, please contact the elder or pilot of that team for more information.

Christian Discipleship Ministry

This Ministry Team focuses on enhancing discipleship in our community of faith. The team supports and plans alongside the Director of Christian Education.  The team coordinates youth ministry, church school, young adult gatherings, WOW ministry nights, small groups, and summer ministry activities.

Christian Discipleship Ministry Team Members
Blair Hanger, Elder
Joyce Yancey, Ministry Pilot

Reed Cranford
Jeff Loomis
Ashley Short
John Tindall, Director of Christian Education and Youth Director Staff Member

Read more about the Discipleship Ministry by viewing the charter below.
CHARTER- Discipleship

Commitment Ministry

The commitment ministry strives to promote an environment within the church and its members where
giving and serving are natural Christian responses to the many blessings which God has given to us. The team works together on the annual stewardship campaign, shares conversation with the finance ministry on being good stewards all year and reviewing the membership rolls on an annual basis.

Commitment Ministry Team Members
Curtis Foltz, Elder
Ed Glover, Co- Pilot
Kaitlin Steck, Co-Pilot

Ed Crawford
Chuck Vailes

Read more about the Commitment Ministry by viewing their charter below.
CHARTER- Commitment.

Fellowship & Congregational Care Ministry

There’s something special about getting together to have fun, especially when food is involved. This is the group that makes sure we have a number of such opportunities throughout the year. Our summer picnic and Christmas dinner are two of the major fellowship events we have, involving lots of food and fun. In addition, the team plans special events from time to time and works often with the other teams to coordinate a fellowship time to some of the events they are planning. Also,  when there is a death within the church family, the team provides bereavement meals.
View Bereavement Policy.

Fellowship and Congregational Care Ministry Team Members
Alina McKibben, Elder
Phyllis Gorsuch, Ministry Pilot

Cathy Loomis
Kathy Baker
Margaret Foltz
Shirley Gillespie
Ruthie Steck
Laura Stirewalt
Cathy Waldorf

Read more about the Fellowship and Congregational Care Ministry by viewing their charter below.
CHARTER- Fellowship and Congregational Care

Finance Ministry

The finance team works closely with and supports the treasurer and finance staff in maintaining proper accounting procedures, monitoring the financial work of the church, and reporting regularly to the governing board of the church, the session. The team carefully monitors all designated gifts, endowments and bequests, ensuring and reporting to the governing board such recommended actions so as to maintain the church’s fiduciary responsibility to the donors and seeks to maintain the long-term financial health of the church.

Finance Ministry Team Members
TBD, Elder
Matthew Rider, Pilot

Billy Anderson
Jennifer Matheny
Matthew Rider
Terry Crow
Wes Bush, Finance Assistant Staff Member
Kay Adamson, Treasurer

Read more about the Finance Ministry by viewing their charter below.
CHARTER- Finance

Pastor Relations Ministry

This team provides support to the pastor and an open dialogue of ministry between the pastor and the congregation.  The ministry serves in two primary ways; as an advisory group to the pastor and as a support for the pastor’s leadership. First as an advisory group, the ministry team shares ideas, dreams, hopes, expectations and concerns of the congregation with the pastor. Second, as support for the pastor, the ministry interpret roles, functions and needs of the pastor to the congregation.  The ministry will not provide any supervision of the Pastor.  Supervision, evaluation and contract negotiation rests solely with Session. The members of this ministry team are selected by the Nominating Committee and approved by the congregation on an annual basis.

Pastor Relations Ministry Team Members
Kathy Baker, Elder

Thani Henry
Teal Lloyd
Paige Moore
Spencer Yancey

Read more about the Pastor Relations Ministry by viewing their charter below.
CHARTER- Pastor Relations

Personnel Ministry

The Personnel ministry supports the staff at Westminster through various ways such as hiring employees to serve in minstry, working with the pastor for the annual staff evaluations and providing open communication between staff and congregation.

Personnel Ministry Team Members:
Susanne Scott, Elder
Sue Krzastek, Pilot

Terry Crow
Edwin Lancaster
Andi Shifflett
Joyce Yancey

Read more about the Personnel Ministry by viewing their charter below.
CHARTER- Personnel
WPC Personnel Manual

Property Ministry

Westminster has been blessed with a beautiful location in a lovely neighborhood. Our buildings are admired throughout the community for their architectural beauty. Keeping up these buildings and the surrounding property is the work of this team. From plumbing to electricity, from HVAC to painting, from grass cutting to snow removal, this team works hard to make sure all the buildings are in good working order and everything looks really great.

Property Ministry Team Members
Andy Shifflett, Elder and Co-Pilot
Chuck Vailes, Co-Pilot

Bert Adamson
Tom Elliot
Andrew Foltz
Marc Steck
Doug Tippett
Lewis Wiseman

Read more about the Property Ministry by viewing their charter below.
CHARTER- Property

Witness Ministry

This group has a deep desire to be an active witness of Christ in our community, nation and world along with those who visit Westminster.  This team challenges us to all to get out of your comfort zone and share the love of Christ with people on the other side of the globe and people next door to us. To maximize our efforts, they coordinate what we can do with on-going efforts by Shenandoah Presbytery and the Presbyterian Church (USA), and work with state and local agencies along with other Christian groups.  Currently the Witness Ministry supports the following ministries and organizations;
-Boy Scout Troop and Cub Pack 73 for over forty years
-Girl Scout Troop 349
-Summerlee Mission Trip in West Virginia since 1985
-Co Sponsor of a Room at the WARM Ruth’s House since 2015
-Host for a week of the Cold Thermal Shelter since 2015
-Disciples Kitchen
-Salvation Army Christmas Stockings
-Salvation Army Bell Ringing
-Homebound Meals for the month of August each year
-5 Cents a Meal Offering
-Augusta Regional Clinic Meal for Volunteers
-Support Haiti Mission Trip Participants
-Lenten Luncheon
-Sewing Circle
-Welcome Visitors
-Visitation to members who are homebound or in care facilities

Witness Ministry Team Members
Marti Elliott, Elder
Jack Hengert, Ministry Pilot

Terry Team
Kay Adamson
Bobbie Bonar
Betsy Conyers
Mary Piller
Charles Ramsey
Andi Shifflett

Read more about the Witness Ministry by viewing their charter below.
CHARTER- Witness

Worship Ministry

The worship ministry team desires for the worship services to ascribe joy to the Lord and equip the body of faith for witness in the world.  The ministry team coordinates the worship services with the Pastor and supports the staff in their work as worship leaders. The team organizes the communion servers, worship leaders, ushers, greeters, nursery, sound operators and generally works behind the scenes to keep the worship experiences authentic and directed toward praise and glory of God.

Worship Ministry Team Members
Lisa Vailes, Elder
Judy Glover, Co-Pilot
Lisa Schwenk, Co-Pilot

Katrina Crawford
Debbie Russell
Mary Smith
Michelle Taylor
Steve Yancey
Sara Yoder
Bettie Tindall, Director of Music (Staff Member)

Read more about the Worship Ministry by viewing their charter below.
CHARTER- Worship

Additional Ministry: Response Ministry Team

Check back soon for more information on our Response Ministry Team!

Additional Ministry: Nominating Committee

The nominating committee carries out the the process of selecting members for the congregation to approve and elect elders to serve in ordered ministries at Westminster Presbyterian church along with nominating members to serve on the Pastor Relations Ministry Team.  The nine current ordered ministries of Westminster Presbyterian Church are stated above in more detail which  include; Commitment, Discipleship, Finance, Fellowship & Congregational Care, Pastor Relations, Personnel, Property, Witness, and Worship.  The elders of the Nominating Committee are elected by the session and the at-large members of the Nominating Committee are elected by the congregation.

2019 Nominating Committee Members

Kathy Baker, Active Ruling Elder
Pete Gorsuch, Ruling Elder
Edwin Lancaster, Ruling Elder
Lori Davis, Active Member
Jill Klippel, Active Member

Read more about the Nominating Committee, by viewing the information below
Nominating Policy
Outline of Nominating Committee, Elder Training and Pastor Relations Membership

Additional Ministry Team: Discovery Ministry Team (2019)

Check back soon for more information on our Discovery Ministry Team!

Additional Ministry: Operations Manual Ministry Team (2017)

On May 14, 2017, a congregational meeting approved the incorporation of Westminster Presbyterian Church of Waynesboro Virginia.   Living into this new role as a corporation along with staying in line with the current book of order for the PC (USA), an update of the 2009 Westminster Manual of Operations is needed to take place at this time.

The session approved at their stated May meeting to form an Operations Manual Ministry team.  The team was formed over the summer and began meeting in August 2017.

Operations Manual Ministry Team Members:
Ed Crawford, Current Clerk of Session)
Iris Birckner, Ruling Elder
Jeff Loomis, Ruling Elder and Former Trustee
Andy Shifflett Active Ruling Elder
Meg Yancey, Active Member and Secretary
Rev. April Cranford, Pastor and Ex-Officio Member)

Communication with session, ministry teams, congregation and staff will take place throughout the operational manual process to be a faithful witness of Jesus Christ and fulfill the vision and mission of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Waynesboro Virginia.

Read more about this Ministry, by viewing the document below from Shenandoah Presbytery on items that need to be included in the Westminster Operations Manual due to the revised edition of the forms of government in the 2011 Book of Order.

On Jan. 21, 2018, we will have a Congregational gathering to learn about the recent Book of Order change concerning ordination of elders and pastors. Congregations are no longer required to choose elders and pastors who live in “fidelity within the covenant of marriage between a man and a woman or chastity in singleness.” We, as the congregation and by examination of session, determine the suitability of an individual chosen to be ordained as an elder or pastor in our church based on Scripture and the standards provided by the Book of Order, but the standard concerning the candidate’s intimate relationships has been dropped. If we, as a congregation and session, decide to elect, ordain, and install someone who is in a same-sex relationship or cohabiting in an unwed relationship, we have the authority to do so.

The second Congregational Gathering on Sunday, Feb. 18, will address the new language in the Book of Order regarding marriage. The session of a PC(USA) church may allow or deny the use of church property for the marriage service of a same gender couple. This year the Worship ministry has been discussing and praying about weddings at Westminster. They will discern with the congregation on February 18 and then recommend to Session for a vote on the types of covenants that will be held at Westminster Presbyterian Church. The Wedding Policy will include the decision made by the Session and this policy will be added to Westminster’s Operations Manual.

Westminster Story

Westminster Story

One of my favorite things about Westminster is the talent and creativity of our members, and the freeness with which they share it.  It’s inspiring and fun, and motivates me to do the same!

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