God Moves.. Us to Empty Ourselves, John 12:1-19

4/7/2019 – God Moves… Us Toward Bended Knee, Jesus’ Prayers in the Gospel of Luke

3/31/2019 – God Moves Us… To Witness, Luke 10:1-17

3/24/2019, God Moves… Us Over the Fence, John 8:1-11

3/17/19 – God Moves… Us to Follow, Luke 5:1-11

3/10/19 – God Moves… Into the Desert, Luke 4:1-13

3/6/2019- God Moves Us… Toward Beginnings, Luke 15:11-32

3/3/2019 – Getting Ready to Get Ready, Psalm 51:1-12

2/24/2019 – Showing Forth Truth and Justice, Matthew 7:12

2/17/2019 – Take It Slow, James 1:19

Westminster Story

Westminster Story

One of my favorite things about Westminster is the talent and creativity of our members, and the freeness with which they share it.  It’s inspiring and fun, and motivates me to do the same!

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