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Sabbatical Project

May 30 - September 4, 2022

Westminster's Sabbatical Mission Project
Serving with Area Waynesboro Presbyterian Churches

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While the benefits of a sabbatical are many for the pastor, it is also a time of opportunity and growth for the congregation as well. Some expected benefits for the congregation during a sabbatical are as follows:

  • Discovering the strength of lay leadership heretofore under-utilized

  • New understandings of the concepts of mission between clergy and congregation

  • Reaffirmation of calling to ministry on part of clergy and congregation with both being reinvigorated and rededicated to the work of God’s people.

As a congregation, we are following Pastor April in keeping a focus on mission for our congregational project during Sabbatical. Session has approved that our Sabbatical mission project be meeting with the Waynesboro Churches to determine how we can serve together. A “SWOT Analysis” on collaborative ministry amongst the six churches has been facilitated. The sessions of the churches in attendance will also be completing the Witness and Welcome Inventory and the Mission Inventory and then will bring the results back to the next meeting on June 5th. This is an exciting time as we as a congregation will seek to develop a new understanding and a reaffirmation of calling to ministry and service to God’s people. If you have any questions, please reach out to the Pastor Relations Ministry.

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