Our Story

Our Story ConstructionIt has been a wonderful journey and the road ahead looks very exciting. This sums up the story of Westminster Presbyterian Church. From its origins as a colonized church, through dynamic growth as part of a growing city, into a time of redefining our vision and mission; our Church has been, and continues to be, a strong spiritual community. A combination of ministry, programming, and outreach has provided opportunities for spiritual growth.

In 1954 the congregation began meeting in a house located on the present site in a developing neighborhood in the western part of Waynesboro. In the early days, the house also served as the parsonage and later became the Church Office. In 1956, the Chapel and Social Hall were built, while the Sanctuary and classrooms were completed in 1963. As the neighborhood developed, Westminster was a focal point. Membership grew dramatically through the 1970’s and a variety of programs engaged all ages. Missions and outreach also became an important effort of the congregation.

The area’s population stabilized in the 1990s and the Westminster congregation settled at approximately 300 members. Programs such as the Westminster Preschool and Summerlee Mission Project demonstrated continued ministry efforts. A capital projects program was completed in 2006 that included an elevator and Chapel renovation to accommodate an earlier contemporary service. Our music program continued to develop until it now includes 75-80 members finding an opportunity to participate.our-story

During the spring of 2014, our congregation has completed a Vision Study (or Mission Study) targeted at six themes, providing new insights and direction for our future. Our Session has begun addressing some of these themes and developing a sequential plan for further implementation. One of the benefits that we have already realized, is renewed growth through initiatives such as beginning to restructure the later worship service to include a more blended style of worship and renewal of the Christian Education Program now run by a full-time licensed Christian educator.

We are committed to creating a community of mutual support and ministry. With a strong, established congregation and the addition of many younger families, the future for Westminster is bright. We hope you will join us on the spiritual journey that, while different than the past, will be just as meaningful and inspirational.

Mission Statement

  • We worship as one family of loving Christians.
  • We foster an environment of love for each other and for God.
  • We work together equipping ourselves to offer support locally and globally.
  • We use our talent, skills, and heart to fulfill God’s call.
  • We communicate effectively with one another and our surrounding community.
  • Guided by Scripture, we are accountable to God and to each other.
  • Our mission will be realized through participation and involvement.

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