Sunday, June 9th, 2019

Sanctuary Renovation

The Session of Westminster Presbyterian Church approved and hereby commissions the Sanctuary Ad Hoc Committee to investigate and recommend a plan to update the Sanctuary of the church to set in motion the means to meet the following objective found in the Worship Theme of the Mission Study of the church approved in June of 2014: Modernize the Sanctuary to include upgraded sound equipment and dynamic audio-visual capability. Reconfigure the Sanctuary to enhance the worship experience

Thanks to everyone who participated in the two presentations for Sanctuary Renovation in May of 2019. Details of the current plans are available in the entrance to the colonnade and a video will be on continuous view on Sunday mornings so that all may watch as often as desired. Another presentation by the Ad Hoc Sanctuary committee is scheduled for Sunday, June 16 at 10 am in the Chapel. We invite all to attend and ask questions and offer comments. The Ad Hoc committee is also available to answer questions or receive your comments at any time; Sue Krzastek, Steve Yancey, Tom Elliott, Tom Harris, Alice Coppic, Blair Hanger, Ed Glover, Ryan Krzastek and Kathy Baker.

View the Sanctuary Renovation Video (final plan is waiting for input from congregation and approval)

CHARTER- Ad Hoc Sanctuary Committee

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