Tuesday, April 14th, 2015

Mission to Haiti Needs List

Haiti Mission Photo

Hello Friends!  As you may have heard, two members of our congregation, Bob and Kathy Gunther, are planning on traveling to Haiti as part of the local Medical Mission Group. Please see the recently updated list below, provided by Bob Gunther, if you would like to donate to this amazing effort.

(for more information/questions contact Kathy or Bob Gunther,  943-1944,

The 2015 Medical Mission to Haiti is a group of 14 folks from our community that have volunteered to serve through this Presbytery endorsed mission that has been coordinated by Tinkling Spring Presbyterian Church.   This mission has been ongoing for over 20 years in partnership with the local Haitian church and community.  In the last 5 years following the earthquake the mission has been directed toward community healthcare.  It is a continued blessing to provide this opportunity to experience the love of our Savior in and through the Haitian people.

Click here to view a video made by HHP the group that has sponsored the clinic.   It gives a broad overview of the work that is going on, on a daily basis at the clinic.

Be a part of the Haiti 2015 effort!
† Join the Mission team and go to Haiti!
† Be a parent/child combo! Many families have participated in this parent (grandparent)/child trip of a lifetime! (age 15 and up)
† Pray for the Mission team.
† Recruit health professionals you know.
† Donate funding and the items needed (see below)

  1. Books-small size/lightweight better
  2. Clotrimazole cream (often can be found at dollar stores)
  3. Crayons/markers and coloring books
  4. Eye glasses-old pairs-gently used
  5. Hair ties/balls for girls
  6. Hydrocortisone cream (often can be found at dollar stores)
  7. Ibuprofen,
  8. Vitamins-
  9. Saline drops for nose
  10. Stickers, sticker books
  11. Tooth Paste and Tooth Brush
  12. Toy Cars-small like hot wheels
  13. Triple antibiotic cream/ointment or polysporin ointment
  14. Monetary contributions can be made to church, mark Memo line “Haiti”.   These monies will be used to buy medicines and health supplies from a mission pharmacy supply house that provide medications at an extreme discount from regular pharmacy prices to mission groups.

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